‘An Elegant Example of Evolution in Action’

While leprosy has long been regarded as a rural disease, the reasons why have been little understood. But scientists now think the answer may have to do with the way cities  serve as a factor in natural selection: The gene variant that protects against certain diseases like tuberculosis and leprosy—which have been around for thousands […]

Super Sheek

Over at Science Friday, Ira Flatow & co. have been trying to come up with an alternative word for “geek” since it’s become “a little chic”. Gee, I’m not sure whether to say “thanks” or “oh, dear.” I do like some of the suggestions: sheek; Flatow, techno-sexual, asinine…

Fever Pitch

I heard Sonia Shah give a thought-provoking talk last night at Politics & Prose here in DC about her fascinating new book, “The Fever: How Malaria Has Ruled Humankind for 500,000 Years”. As she shows, the tendency of policy makers (and even scientists) to dither and overlook biological facts has aided the persistence of malaria […]